About The Iris

Welcome to The Iris, the new restaurant at TheHotel.Brussels. Here, we offer unfussy, exquisite food made for swapping and sharing, and an exciting beverage menu characterised by flair and originality. With simple lines, lush greenery and rich accents of gold and navy blue, our reimagined space echoes its namesake, the enduring – and elegant – symbol of Brussels. We extend a warm welcome to partners and patrons who share our innovative, experience-driven approach to drinks and dining.

Food Concept

Here at The Iris, our menu concept is contemporary and imaginative, drawing inspiration from an exciting multicultural culinary heritage. Taking notes from modern Asian, South American and European cooking, it focuses on simplicity and spontaneity. No sensationalism: just incredible global flavours – think wasabi, cumin, ginger – creative couplings and elegant presentation. 

Food with Flair

This is food with flair. The Robata grill – a Japanese open-flame technique demanding boldness and mastery – infuses our internationally-inspired dishes with a delicate smoky flavour, igniting guests’ taste buds and imaginations. The word ‘robata’ translates to ‘hearth’ or ‘fireside’, which is just the atmosphere we want to cultivate at The Iris: warm and welcoming, where people can gather, talk and make connections. 

Food with a Story

This is food with integrity. We use the highest quality seasonal and local produce, establishing our ingredients’ provenance to guarantee traceability, quality and sustainability. It’s a demanding task, but The Iris’ food offering needs to stand up to ethical and environmental scrutiny, in line with our fundamental values. This is food with a story, and with meaning, created with passion. 

Food for Sharing

More than anything, though, our food is for sharing. Fussy three-course formality is banished and, in its place, we welcome spur of the moment thinking. Pick and choose several small plates from our simple 12:00-18:00 and 18:00-22:00 menus, swap dishes halfway through or go straight to dessert – rules are made to be broken. And The Iris – the new name on the Brussels’ restaurant scene –  is the ultimate exception to the rule.

Drinks Concept

Here at The Iris, we offer a contemporary and exciting drinks menu, with beverages selected for their ethical credentials as well as their superior quality and taste. 

Sustainable Suppliers

We place emphasis on innovation alongside sustainability, and our refusal to compromise can be seen in our selection of soft drinks, fruit juices and our signature lemonade. Think unique, think principled, think health-conscious, plus a little flair and originality, and you’ll understand something of our typical partner brands. 

Wines with a conscience

The wine selection features the classic French references enlightened drinkers would expect, along with unexpected names and notes – say a fruity orange from time to time, or a crisp seasonal rosé, for example. We give prominence to biodynamic wines, as well as to producers who stay true to organic, holistic and sustainable practices, respecting the earth along with guests’ palates. 

Cocktails & Cocktails

The Iris’ cocktail list is, in short, a masterpiece. Count on our concoctions to combine class and creativity, as well as the all-important element of surprise. You can also literally count our concoctions on one hand – at The Iris, there’s nothing superfluous, just exquisite drinks for discerning types. Think plenty of style, but also plenty of substance.

The Best of the Rest

An abundant range of spirits, an exclusively Belgian beer list and a comprehensive Gin & Tonic menu featuring a number of small-batch Belgian names. Plus coffees, signature blends and rare teas courtesy of Harney & Sons, and a choice of Champagnes if you have something to celebrate – let’s drink to that.

Our Signature Dish

Our Chef’s signature dish was created around the salmon trout produced in Brussels by BIGH.

BIGH is a young company that aims to develop, build and operate aquaponic farms that are integrated to urban sites. The mission is to create sustainable food production through technology that is based on the principles of circular economy and a short supply chain distribution. The first site, the Brussels Aquaponics Farm, located on the roof of a covered market in Brussels, was inaugurated in April 2018 and produces salmon trout, various vegetables, and aromatic herbs in an aquaponic system. BIGH operates this site, which as its first farm, is a pilot farm, while thinking about the development of other farms in Brussels and other European cities.