The iris

A place where creativity meets international flavours


Here at The Iris, our menu concept is contemporary and imaginative, drawing inspiration from an exciting multicultural culinary heritage. Taking notes from modern Asian, South American and European cooking, it focuses on simplicity and spontaneity. No sensationalism: just incredible global flavours – think wasabi, cumin, ginger – creative couplings and elegant presentation.


This is food with flair. The Robata grill – a Japanese open-flame technique demanding boldness and mastery – infuses our internationally-inspired dishes with a delicate smoky flavour, igniting guests’ taste buds and imaginations.


This is food with integrity. We use the highest quality seasonal and local produce, establishing our ingredients’ provenance to guarantee traceability, quality and sustainability.


More than anything, though, our food is for sharing. Fussy three-course formality is banished and, in its place, we welcome spur of the moment thinking. Pick and choose several small plates, swap dishes halfway through or go straight to dessert – rules are made to be broken.

Drinks concept

The Iris offers a contemporary, exciting, and yet surprisingly succinct drinks menu – as the saying goes, it’s the quality rather than the quantity that counts. Here, beverages are selected for their ethical credentials as well as their superior quality and taste, and they’re presented with our customary flair and style. 

The menu consists entirely of original drinks, ensuring that you have a unique experience. Our drinks menu is the perfect amalgamation of style and substance.


Our vision is for The Iris’ food to fit with The Hotel’s fundamental values, and to stand up to ethical and environmental scrutiny. Our food has a story, has meaning, and is created with pure passion. 

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