1 small plate €12 / pers.
1 dish €23 / pers.
1 dish + 1 side dish €26 / pers.
2 dishes 36 / pers.
2 dishes + 1 side dish 39 / pers.
3 dishes + 1 side dish 54 / pers.

Small plate

Mediterranean hummus
Onion confit with lebanese bread

Coppa’s chiffonade
Carob flour and sesame grissini with chutney

Trio of mini baos with langoustines
Korean fermented soy condiment

Shrimps in tempura with Japanese flavours
Avocado mayonnaise

Trout “rillettes” from the urban farm
Philadelphia with Sardinian bread

Mint and sweet garlic yoghurt

Natural oysters (4 pieces)
Burnt lime

Grey shrimp croquette
Yuzu mayonnaise and parsley

Wild mushroom cream soup
Chanterelles, Celery oil

Dishes (BOWLS)

Vegan Rice Poke Bowl
Avocado, Lentils, banana savoury balls, mango, daikon and wasabi veganaise

Rice Poke Bowl
Avocado, lentils, red beet tzatziki, mango, daikon, karaages

Grilled black tiger shrimp
Lentil and curry dahl with spinach sprouts

Vegetables gyozas
Tom yam and lemongrass

Pumpkin gazpacho, Ginger and Lime

Tuna Tataki
Sesame seeds with wasabi and dashi


Peking salmon
Cauliflower with almond 

Braised beef fillet
Parsnips and banana-cumin sauce

Pigeon fillet
Roasted carrots and hibiscus

Signature Dish

“Bonbons” stuffed with osso bucco
Gremolata and parmesan


Potato fritters with paprika

Sweet Potato or classic Fries

Fried rice

Sucrine salad with caesar sauce, parmesan and croutons

Butternut puree with sweet potato and madras curry


Lemon mousse “bio”
Hazelnut and sweet potato tile

Specula-chocolate bavarois
Crunchy tuile and lemongrass sauce

Vegetarian options

Duck Breast, Grilled figs & Choclo sauce
with products from BIGH Farm and Eco